National Carpet Cleaners Association

The NCCA was formed in 1968

NCCA Membership Structure

For more than forty years, the National Carpet Cleaners Association has had a prime interest in ensuring that its members offer the best service to their customers in caring for their flooring and soft furnishings.

Through various training courses, other events, regular contact and a proven system to provide back-up advice and problem solving, the NCCA assist companies to develop and gain the experience and education required to run a successful professional cleaning business.

All members are required to attend an initial two-day course in carpet and fabric cleaning and to pass a written theory examination before being allowed to apply for membership. If new to the industry they are only admitted to the first tier of membership as an Associate Member to allow them to gain experience. During the course of their career, and by meeting additional criteria, they can then develop through three further levels explained below.

Associate Member Level

Associate Members are new members to the industry who will remain on this tier until they have had a minimum of 12 months experience. Before they can move up to Member level, they are also required to attend a recognised course on Advanced Spot and Stain treatment. In addition, they will have shown that they have full insurance cover including ‘Treatment Risk’ or ‘Products Liability’, which is essential as they are working on items that are owned by another party.

Member Level

Members of the NCCA will have the correct insurance, be in good standing with the Association and have been trading under the NCCA Code of Practice for at least one full year. They are also required to certify that they have an understanding of the Health & Safety requirements applicable to the work they are undertaking.

Members may elect to remain on this level or may, after two years, apply to be considered for Advanced Membership.

Advanced Member Level

Advanced Members will have had at least three years industry experience. Either the owner operator or a company employee will have been allocated as Head Technician. Prior to acceptance to the Advanced Member level this representative of the company must attend at least one additional recognised training course. The company will have remained in good standing with the Association, have the correct insurances and understanding of the health and safety requirements applicable to the work they are undertaking.

Advanced members may elect to remain on this level or, after five years, apply to be considered for Senior Membership.

Senior Member Level

A Senior Member will have had a minimum of seven years continuous membership of the Association. In addition to fulfilling the requirement of an Advanced Member they will have attended or confirmed completion of a minimum of four further recognised training courses. In addition, to retain the status of Senior Member it is a requirement that that the Head Technician attend at least one additional training course every three years.

There may be a number of reasons why a company chooses not to become an Advanced or Senior Member. Regardless of this they will have built-up a wealth of experience from their years in the industry and will be able carry out quality cleaning to the complete satisfaction of their customers.


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